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EVERY crime committed in Slough by offence and location

In total, 397 crimes were reported in Slough in March of this year.

131 related to violent and sexual offences, 78 related to anti-social behaviour and 31 involved criminal damage and arson.

‘Other thefts’ made up 29 of the reports, there were 21 reports of vehicle crime and 29 and 11 reports of public order and drug offences respectively.

Ten incidents of burglary were reported, and 31 reports were made in relation to shoplifting.

Other reports included:

5 – Theft from the person
9 – Other crime

11 – Bicycle theft

7 – Possession of weapon s

4 – Robbery

Below is a list of where each of these crimes were reported in alphabetical order, according to police figures.

At Slough station – 6

On or near A355 – 1

On or near Adelphi Gardens – 4

On or near Albert Street – 1

On or near Aldin Avenue South – 1

On or near Alexandra Road – 7

On or near Alpha Street North – 3

On or near Arborfield Close – 2

On or near Arundel Court – 1

On or near Baxter Close – 5

On or near Beckwell Road – 3

On or near Bishops Road – 1

On or near Blair Road – 1

On or near Botham Drive – 1

On or near Bourne Road – 1

On or near Brammas Close – 5

On or near Bronte Close – 1

On or near Brunel Way – 5

On or near Buckingham Gardens – 1

On or near Burlington Avenue – 1

On or near Bus/coach Station – 1

On or near Castle Street – 3

On or near Chalvey Gardens – 1

On or near Chalvey Park – 3

On or near Chalvey Road West7

On or near Chapel Street – 7

On or near Charter Close – 1

On or near Church Street – 6

On or near Conegar Court – 4

On or near Courtlands Avenue – 1

On or near Damson Grove – 2

On or near Dashwood Close – 5

On or near Datchet Road – 2

On or near Everard Avenue – 1

On or near Farnham Road – 2

On or near Gatewick Close – 1

On or near Grace Court – 1

On or near Grove Close – 3

On or near Hanover Close – 4


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