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Epic Games has banned the Asian Fortnite champion for cheating

Epic Games has banned the Asian Fortnite champion for cheating during an invitational match.

Japanese player Sekosama has had to forfeit his winnings of $15,000 (£12,187) and faces a fortnight-long ban from playing the battle royale game competitively.

The FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) invitational groups the top players across all regions in a solo game against each other, with the winners getting a share of the $2 million (£1.6 million) prize pool.

Seeing as how it is a solo competition, Sekosama has been disqualified for ‘teaming’ in the match. This is a tactic which sees solo players attempt to stealthily collaborate with another player in the game to get the upper hand.

According to Dexerto, Sekosama’s teammate had left caches of loot in hidden spots throughout the map for Sekosama to find.

Obviously, they wouldn’t be running around the map together, but they might also, for example, decide not to shoot at one person to help the other out, making it an unfair fight of 2 vs 1.

You can see how quickly this would give an advantage, especially in a battle royale game.

Doing this goes directly against the FNCS Invitational rules, which states: “Players may not work together to deceive or other cheat other players during any match”.

Incidentally, Sekosama was found was to be guilty of at least three of these rules.

With his disqualification, player gjac was announced as the new winner of the invitational.

This is not the first ban to come out at an invitational. Reports suggest that 14-year-old pro Kquid was banned during the match of the Oceania tournament, but there’s no official reason for this ban yet.

Another form of teaming has been seen in similar games like Apex Legends, whereby four people will try and enter the same match in duos mode so they can essentially play as a four-person party against everyone else in teams of two.


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