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Cygnet shot at Grand Union Canal

THERE were distressing scenes by the canal in Langley as a mother swan’s only surviving baby was found shot dead.

In the late afternoon sometime between 4.55pm and 6pm on May 22, a two-week old cygnet was shot by an air rifle on the Langley stretch of the Grand Union Canal.

This was the only cygnet born to swans that had laid seven eggs.

Four days later, a resident found a duck which was also shot dead near where the cygnet was found.Both horrendous acts have been reported to the police and Slough Borough Council are appealing for anyone who has any information to call the non-emergency number,Bird poaching is not the only action that’s disrupting the peace, beauty and wildlife alongside Slough Arm of Grand Union Canal.

There have been at least four separate dumps of fly-tipping including clothes and toys, metal waste, beer cans, and general household waste, as well as rubbish being thrown in the water.

A fine up to £50,000 can be issued if you are caught fly-tipping with a possible six-month sentence. Cllr Natasa Pantelic, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “I am appalled to hear that there has been regular fly-tipping next to the canal in Langley, please dispose of your rubbish responsibly or you could incur a fine and a prison sentence.

I’m also absolutely horrified that a two-week-old cygnet and a duck were killed with an air rifle. This is sickening. I urge anyone with any information on these incidents to report it to the police.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Swan Support who is a fantastic charity, for dealing with these incidents and all the work they do in the area for swans and other waterfowl. The canal is a lovely area for all our residents to enjoy, and we will fight to protect it


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