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Benefits of CoronaVirus

Don’t be surprised, you may find the title a bit strange. Could the Coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc around the world, have any benefits? Yes! why not?

In every work of the Almighty, the benefit of man is hidden, because the essence of the Almighty is human-friendly, and in every work of His there is some wisdom. But we don’t consider it. See what are the benefits of coronavirus. Man on the earth did not listen to the command of the Almighty, man, constantly struggling for the destruction of man and making weapons of mass destruction, and found himself the most on this planet. Considered more powerful and wise, he kept twisting like a naughty child As long as it did not creep into anyone’s ear, the Almighty now twisted his ear in the form of coronavirus and closed it as punishment. Today, billions of people in almost all countries of the world have been forced to give up all their activities against their will. And this is a warning from the virus: O man! Take heed, if you do not change your ways, then your stories will not be in the stories. The second advantage is that unlike in the past, man has taken precautionary measures in the matter of food, eating in hotels has become a fashion. People feel comfortable leaving their home-cooked food and heading to hotels. Before Corona, when people used to go to famous hotels, it felt as if free charity was being distributed here. Due to Corona, now that hotels are closed, not only will there be a reduction in overeating, but there will also be a reduction in the consumption of adulterated, stale food, dead chickens, and the meat of dogs and donkeys, which will have a positive effect on health. Hospitals will be less crowded. Medication use will also be reduced. The third major benefit of Corona is that Corona has significantly reduced air pollution. Pollution rates were very high in all major cities in Pakistan. Decreased by more than fifty percent. Carbon dioxide, which burns the earth, is also declining rapidly. Man has begun to change a lot because of his confinement at home. The truth is that this change is having a positive effect on the earth, the environment, and its atmosphere. Corona has changed our day and night, changed our routine. Our sleep has also affected the way we wake up and work. All our educational institutions are closed and it is not known how long this process will continue. The authorities and private educational institutions are trying to educate the students sitting at home through distance education. The importance of online education has increased due to Corona. Although we do not have internet, laptop, or computer facility everywhere, especially in rural areas, there are still many difficulties in availing the online education system. At least the beginnings have already been made because the time to come will be the digital age. The time is not far away when schools, colleges, and universities will be online to educate their students. Children will also be happy that they will have no one to stop them like the classroom. The first step towards online education is a coronavirus. Therefore, the credit should be given to Corona. However, it is clear that no work of the Creator of the universe is devoid of wisdom. What are the benefits or harms to the creatures of God due to Coronavirus, all these things are still trapped in the basket of time and the unseen, no one knows, but we should expect that Coronavirus also affects the universe? It will be useful for all creatures because the essence of God is humane There is an entity. We must strive to do our best to protect humanity.


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